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Whether you are looking for a full-face, jet or system helmet, you will always find them in a reasonable variety at Restyle.
Motorcycle helmets may be worn once they have been approved according to the European ECE standard. The ECE standard can often be found on the chin strap or in the inner lining of your helmet. Motorcycle helmets Since 1990, they have to fit well and be attached correctly. A good fit and the right size therefore take precedence over the design of the helmet. We always measure your head with a measuring tape. In our opinion, a helmet is the most important part and it must fit 100% properly. We check the helmet on a number of points and then give you our expert advice.

The operation and lifespan of motorcycle helmets depends on the inner material used in combination with the quality of the outer shell. A motorcycle helmet should last at least 5 years with proper use. Due to the effects of your own sweat and general wear and tear, your motorcycle helmet will lose its shock-absorbing properties over the years. Use in combination with maintenance is crucial for the lifespan of your motorcycle helmet. Always store your helmet in a cool, dry and dark place where UV cannot have a direct effect on the helmet. All our helmets are supplied in a helmet bag. Furthermore, for every helmet you should no longer use the helmet after a fall. Even if there appears to be no damage on the outside.

We have a wide choice of full-face, system, jet and children's helmets. If you wear glasses, a system helmet is a good solution, because the chin piece can hinge upwards. An integral helmet offers the best protection because it consists of a seamless whole. If you choose a jet helmet, you choose style and slightly less protection. However, the protection is still in accordance with European Legislation.

We have a reasonable collection of CE-approved helmets. From 2016 we also have the Scorpion helmet brand in our range! We are now one of the largest customers of this brand! You have a 5-year manufacturer's warranty on this brand! From June 2018, the helmet brand SHARK has been added to the range! All SHARK helmets also come with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty!

You can now also order all Scorpion and Shark helmets online. However, our advice is that you visit us personally during the private sales days. If you still want to order a Scorpion helmet online, we advise you to order it one size larger. You need the Shark helmets in the same size. We only list those helmets on the website that we actually have in our range and do not take over the stock 1 on 1 from the supplier. As a result, you will never experience that there is much more on the site than you actually encounter when you visit. Which has unfortunately become a standard problem at many motorcycle shops. You are welcome!