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Kevlar jeans motorcycle pants in combination with a Kevlar hoody or a Softshell Kevlar jacket is a huge hype these days. This Urban motorcycle style is ideal for riding somewhere where changing clothes is impossible. Think of work, a terrace or other public places. The motorcycle jeans Kevlar pants in particular are almost indistinguishable from regular jeans. Moreover, you can simply wash the motorcycle jeans in the washing machine. The Urban collection from RESTYLE has a good and flexible fit, is durable, water-repellent, often windproof and breathable. RESTYLE has a large collection of motorcycle jeans and hoodies for men and women. The collection consists of jeans and hoodies that are mainly for... de volle 100% gemaakt zijn van Kevlar and we also have a reasonable collection of jeans trousers that have Kevlar in crucial places such as the seat, the knees and the entire sides. The hoodies, on the other hand, are always made 100% of Kevlar. Both the hoodies and motorcycle jeans pants are all equipped with CE-approved removable protectors as standard! From 2018 we will produce everything with CE Level II protection! This is the very best and safest protection. These words had an impact! For more information, see the accessories section.

In 1965, Polish-American chemist Stephanie Kwolek invented Kevlar. Kevlar became a popular material for making protective clothing. It is very strong, but also very light. Kevlar can withstand high temperatures. It only melts around 450 degrees Celsius. Low temperatures also have no adverse effect on Kevlar. All these properties make Kevlar extremely suitable as a material for motorcycle pants. The low weight of Kevlar makes the material pleasant to wear. Kevlar is breathable. A breathable fabric allows water vapor to pass through. How does breathing work? Imagine it is very hot. You're on the bike and you're sweating. The sweat evaporates. The water vapor escapes through the Kevlar layer. With a non-breathable fabric, the water vapor becomes water again. This will give you wet and sweaty legs. Because Kevlar is breathable, the fabric is especially suitable for summer trousers. RESTYLE also has Kevlar Jeans motorcycle pants with a removable wind- and waterproof Reissa membrane and hoodies that are also wind- and waterproof! Feel free to drop by to view the entire extensive Urban Kevlar collection at your leisure.