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Welcome to the manufacturer of motorcycle clothing. We manage everything completely in-house from start to finish. You deal directly with the manufacturer!

With a leather motorcycle jacket and/or leather motorcycle pants you have the safest protection while riding a motorcycle. A leather motorcycle jacket and/or leather motorcycle pants should be tight when trying on, because leather stretches and still has to form on the skin. Leather motorcycle jackets and leather motorcycle pants offered at RESTYLE are made exclusively from high-quality full-grain cowhide leather with a maximum thickness of 1.4 - 1.6 mm. In addition, every product is at least double stitched and comes with a minimum 1-year full warranty. Naturally, all motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers are also equipped with CE-approved removable protection. From 2018 we will produce everything with standard CE-Level II protection! This is the very best and safest protection. These harden upon impact. For more information, see the accessories section.

Onderhoud Leren Motorkleding

Leather motorcycle clothing dient u te onderhouden met transparant leder vet of een leder spray. Alvorens u dit doet, kunt u het beste eerst vuil, vliegjes, enz. met een vochtig doekje verwijderen. De leren collectie van RESTYLE wordt met de grootst mogelijke zorg vervaardigd uit de beste kwaliteit volnerf en volnerf Aniline rundleer.

Wind and waterproof

90% of our leather motorcycle jackets and/or leather motorcycle pants are wind- and waterproof using an exclusive 3-layer technique. The leather motorcycle jackets and/or leather motorcycle pants have a fixed perforated summer lining. Furthermore, the motorcycle jackets and/or motorcycle pants are equipped with a removable Reissa membrane that is wind and waterproof. They also have a removable winter lining. Restyle also has a very extensive Aniline leather collection (super soft and very high-quality leather).

Full grain cowhide leather

Restyle traditionally uses full-grain cowhide, which means that the leather is not sanded: both the grain and the natural appearance of the skin remain intact. The top layer is called 'full grain' leather, because the natural grain structure is visible. This layer is not only the most beautiful, but also the strongest. This leather becomes more and more beautiful with use. Thanks to a special mineral tanning, a fine grain structure and a supple quality are created. The leather is dyed through and through to guarantee a beautiful, even color. For this it is very important that only the very best hides with a minimum of natural characteristics such as scratches and insect bites are selected. In short, high-quality leather with a long lifespan!
Aniline leather

This is leather dyed through and through with Aniline dyes. It is smooth leather with open pores without a pigment layer (color layer) on the top, so that the natural texture of the skin is still recognizable. This is generally very expensive and valuable, because it contains no pigment, Aniline leather has a soft and warm "touch". Only absolutely flawless skin is eligible for Aniline leather. Flawless hides are rare and therefore Aniline leather is usually more expensive than pigmented leather.

From XS to 7XL

The leather motorcycle jackets and motorcycle pants, like the other motorcycle clothing collection, are widely stocked in sizes from XS to 7XL. We have suitable motorcycle clothing for every type of motorcyclist. Tour, chopper, sporty or retro, you will find it all at Restyle. We also traditionally make custom motorcycle clothing and also supply circuit leather tailor-made suits with your own text, design and logos.

For years, protection came before design when it came to motorcycle clothing. The result was thick fabric and large jackets that fit around your body like a duffel bag. In addition, as a motorcyclist you kept changing clothes because it was barely possible to walk in them. The Restyle collection has a beautiful collection for motorcyclists that is comfortable and also sleek and fashionable.

We will always give you personal, expert advice and if something does not sit right we will strongly advise you not to do it. We have been in the business for decades and will not let you make a bad purchase. Customer satisfaction means everything to us! Also see our guestbook with many hundreds of responses from customers who may have gone before you. After all, it is not without reason that we also supply to professionals, including the government. You are very welcome to view the very extensive collection in one of our showrooms in Aalsmeer and/or Barneveld.