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is part of Euro International Group Holding B.V.,
a manufacturer and also a wholesale company, located in the vicinity of Schiphol Airport. The officially registered recognized house brand is RESTYLE.

The head office has been located in Aalsmeer for quite some time since 1996. As of April 2014, there is a second branch in the center of the country in the municipality of Barneveld. RESTYLE is a Dutch brand that was launched and registered in 2002. An A quality brand that stands for high-quality motorcycle clothing and accessories at the best factory price! All our products come directly from our own factory located in Southeast Asia! General information: Approximately 90% of all motorcycle clothing comes from one and the same source! All high-quality motorcycle clothing comes with CE-approved removable protection, double-stitched seams, high-quality materials, perfect fits and a 1-year full warranty.

The warranty obviously also applies to zippers, stitching, press studs, wind and water resistance, etc. In short, you have a full warranty on every purchase!

Also watch the intro film on the home page & take a virtual 3D tour of both locations!

You are undoubtedly aware that even the most expensive brands usually do not provide a warranty on zippers!

Your satisfaction is our top priority! We will take care of any professional adjustments and/or repair of warranty work within 5 working days! We have a very skilled cutter and since you are dealing with the manufacturer, any adjustments and/or problems will be resolved immediately. So we don't have to forward anything to the supplier, which you then have to wait a long time for. In the RESTYLE showrooms you will always find a choice of more than: 5000 MOTORCYCLE JACKETS (LEATHER & TEXTILE), 2000 MOTORCYCLE TROUSERS, 500 JEANS KEVLAR MOTORCYCLE TROUSERS, 500 PAIRS OF MOTORCYCLE BOOTS, 500 PAIRS OF GLOVES, 500 HELMETS & 100 LEATHER COMBI'S! Sizes are widely stocked as standard from XS to 7XL - 28 TO 44 - 48 TO 64!

In short, whether you are looking for a motorcycle suit, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle pants, motorcycle boots, Jeans Kevlar pants, a Combi, a ladies motorcycle suit, a textile suit, a motorcycle helmet, motorcycle gloves, leather motorcycle pants, a cordura motorcycle pants, a leather motorcycle jacket or something else in the field of motorcycle clothing stores, you will find it all at RESTYLE at real factory prices! Customized motorcycle clothing is a requirement for everyone. A tailor-made suit has traditionally been one of our specialties. If you are unable to select from the wide collection that we have in stock from xs to 7xl, don't worry. We make it custom for only €50 to €100. You read it right indeed, for only €50 to €100, tailor-made, within a short period of approximately 4 to 6 weeks you will receive the end result with a tailor-made guarantee! For custom work, please schedule a weekday appointment of approximately 1 hour. Custom made motorcycle clothing with your own text, design and logos has also traditionally been an option!

We will take care of any professional adjustments and/or

repair of warranty work within 5 working days!



RESTYLE also supplies motorcycle clothing to:



  • The experiences we have gained over the years enable us to supply high-quality products at very competitive factory prices!
  • As a family concern, our professional expertise has been passed on from generation to generation. In 1960, the primary competency of our production and distribution began with the sale of sporting goods, mainly including footballs and volleyballs.
  • In 1990, motorcycle clothing (leather & textile), motorcycle boots, gloves and leather leisure/fashion jackets were added to the production line. Since 2001, we have also supplied motorcycle clothing to the Belgian Police (French-speaking part) through an intermediary. In principle, this says enough in terms of experience and professional competence.
  • Since 2001 we have also been regular participants of the Utrecht motorcycle fair. Nowadays you will find us in hall 11! At the beginning of 2002, because of our passion & love for "motorcycling" and years of experience as a manufacturer, the officially recognized private label RESTYLE was launched. 
  • Since 2006 it has also become possible for motorcyclists to purchase directly from the one and only motorcycle clothing wholesaler and manufacturer for more than 70% cheaper!!! The first Dutch-language site was launched in June 2009 and our guestbook was also launched in the same year. activated.
  • Since 2010, we have also been the direct suppliers of the Belgian Ambulance Emes Vzw. From 2012, we have supplied motorcycle clothing directly to the RDW and KNWU in the Netherlands.
  • From mid-2012, RESTYLE also exports motorcycle clothing to a wholesale company in Russia. From 2013, the municipality of Amsterdam is also a customer of Restyle! Enforcement motorcycle officials have been provided with leather suits, Cordura suits, boots, gloves and helmets by Restyle. 
  • These civil servants supervise, among other things, the taxi world on motorcycles. The municipality itself approached us and is therefore also a (wholesale) customer. As of March 2013, we have officially doubled in size in Aalsmeer. We have expanded to the same location!
  • Since April 2014, Restyle has opened a second business in the municipality of Barneveld! New wholesale customers are added every year, mainly including motorcycle driving schools and various traffic safety companies. We often supply custom motorcycle clothing with embroidered logos.
  • In 2018 we decided to provide literally every jacket and trousers with CE-LEVEL II PROTECTION. This is the very best protection! In 2019, a large ambulance organization in the Netherlands. all brothers and sisters provided with RESTYLE Cordura suits.
  • 2019 was also the year in which a large Belgian company started selling RESTYLE motorcycle clothing. In 2019, the municipality again started a new project. Urban road inspectors are now a fact of life on the road! We have been approached again and have supplied these men with custom-made motorcycle clothing. For more information, see the relevant section Police/etc.
  • In 2019 we also provided the Event Ambulance (EMS) with complete packages of Cordura motorcycle clothing. In 2020 we launched a MEGA LARGE NEXT LEVEL COLLECTION! This is the year we raised the bar much higher. The design team is now at a completely different level and that is reflected in all the new beautiful models!
  • 2020 We started a YouTube channel and regularly post customer videos and product reviews there! 2021 The new website has been launched with 360 degree videos of all new products.
  • 2021 The municipality in Amsterdam has started a new project again and they have approached us again through an intermediary, who will receive custom motorcycle jackets. 2021 The Dutch Ambulance (White Cross) has become a customer and the brothers will receive complete packages consisting of textile suits, helmets and gloves supplied.
  • 2022 The Municipality of Katwijk also visited us and wanted to have unique custom made motorcycle suits. We have provided all motorcycle officials with special custom-made suits and gloves. You can find this in the government section.


The policy is characterized by optimal service, expert advice, flexibility and reliability, which has attracted the attention of international companies. With these excellent references, RESTYLE has been supplying a broad market of wholesalers and retailers for quite some time. Nowadays you will find RESTYLE motorcycle clothing in every corner, village and city of the Netherlands among motorcyclists. Feel free to look around you along the way and you will see satisfied customers driving by...

We do not strive for... We ensure 100% customer satisfaction!

Feel free to read our guestbook and view customer reviews about the quality, service and the RESTYLE brand. We cordially invite you to leave a message in the guestbook. Due to the very extensive collection, it is unfortunately not possible to place all products on the site. All prices stated include 21% VAT & 1 year full warranty. You are very welcome in the RESTYLE showroom(s) for the largest & cheapest collection of motorcycle clothing, boots, gloves, helmets and leisure jackets. You can also order the regular collection online! Like the Facebook page of Restyle Wear B.V. and the Instagram page Restylemoto! Stay informed of new developments! You regularly have a chance to win prizes! Click above right to do this! Thank you and see you during the private sales days!

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RESTYLE Motorcycle Clothing

& accessories for EVERYONE! Affordable, beautiful, safe and fashionable! NEXT LEVEL!

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RESTYLE Motorcycle Clothing

& accessories for EVERYONE! Affordable, beautiful, safe and fashionable! NEXT LEVEL!